Past Events

The Kenya Trust 2013

The annual concert presented by The Kenya Trust at Bristol Easton set a new record for the amount raised. The sum of £4600 was received on the night and with a further £909 in gift aid claims the evening has produced a spectacular £5509 for the current project.

The funds will be set aside to support the building of a new health centre and dispensary attached to the Maiani Corps, and it is hoped that there will be sufficient funding available to complete this project by the end of 2014.

Special guests for the evening were Charley Brighton (Staines) , the Redland High School Choir and Chamber Choir, and the South West Divisional Fellowship Band.

The hall was packed to capacity with many attending the army for the first time.

To listen to a recording of the evening click here

New Recruit for the Salvation Army

Marcia Ley was enrolled as a soldier by Major Jennie McCombe (C.O. Bristol Easton Corps) In her testimony Marcia told how after she had been attending the Corps for several years she was encouraged to take part in the Divisional Fellowship Band. She eventually spoke with Divisional Bandmaster Norman Cassells and his wife Marilyn who helped her to make the decision to become a soldier. Marcia stressed how much membership of the Fellowship band had helped in her Christian development and she valued the friendship and comradeship the section provided .

The Fellowship Band at the Colston Hall September 2010


Kenya Trust Weekend – Bristol Easton

South West Divisional Fellowship Band and Ffortissimo

The combined forces of the South West Divisional Fellowship Band, and vocal group ‘Ffortissimo’ produced over £4400 for The Kenya Trust at a concert held at Bristol Easton. The Band under the leadership of Divisional Bandmaster Norman Cassells featured in the annual fund raising event for the second time in three years, and the enthusiasm and enjoyment of the bandsmen and women was infectious. Using some old favourites like ‘A Sunbeam’ and ‘The Old Wells’ the Band were able to delight the congregation, but they also introduced some more contemporary numbers one being the theme tune from ‘Out of Africa’ which was played while the collection was taken.


South West Divisional Fellowship Band let by Norman Cassells

‘Ffortissimo’ journeyed from London for the event and these four young musicians provided a real mix of music expertly presented. Using a wide variety of styles there was literally something for everyone with ‘Benedictus’ from Mozart’s Requiem to Freddy Mercury’s ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’


Special guests for the weekend were Commissioners Jolene and Ken Hodder who were able to provide informed comment on the work of The Kenya Trust which they experienced at first hand in their previous appointment.

The funds raised from the concert will be sent to the Kenya East Territory to modernise the accommodation and provide modern teaching aids at the Nairobi Girls Training Centre. This is attached to the Quarry Road complex which is the Kenya Trusts 2012 major project.